Monday, August 29, 2011

Sprint Tri in October

Currently training for the Danskin sprint Tri in Palm Springs October 9th. It is 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K. When I told my people they said I was crazy and that I don't know how hard it will be and that I couldn't do it. Seriously.

That made me a little nervous. Thus, I got myself a coach because I figured I could use one. She put me on some type of zone training where I train in certain heart rate zones for a specified time. It seems to be working out ok.

Running and biking - I rock... swimming - oh man I suck. I have been doing lap swimming at a local 50 meter pool. The first day I asked the girl behind the counter how many laps make a mile distance and she said 32. I mentally have been building up to 16 laps nonstop to hit my 1/2 mile. THEN the other day someone told me 66 laps equal a mile in a 50 meter pool!! 33 laps non stop.. I am going to die. I tried to confirm this online but there is some confusion on what a lap is.. so I am still wondering.

Before I start harassing the local pool regs I thought I would poll you guys.. does anyone know-
1. Is a lap once across or across and back? and 2. Is a 1 mile in a 50 meter pool 32 or 66 laps?

This view was my reward after a long bike ride to Huntington Beach. :)

I can't believe it is almost September already!! The older I get the faster the time seems to go by! Did summer seem to fly by for you too??


  1. I swam competitively in high school and college...but don't let that fool you, I hate to swim (I just find it tediously boring)...but to answer your questions:
    50M pool is an Olympic size pool (meaning 1 trip down - from one wall to the other = 50M). Not many Olympic meter pools around, so maybe your pool is 50M down and back?

    Lengths = 1 trip across the pool.
    Laps = down and back.

    In an Olympic size pool, 100M = 1 lap. 1600M = 1 mile so 16 laps = 1 mile. That's actually 32 lengths (32 wall touches).

    If the pool is only 25M long, then double that.

    Does that make sense? Email me (just respond to this comment) and I can try to explain better.

    Very cool you got a coach, I hope it works out great for you and you find much success...I love being a coach, but more so, I want my clients to be excited working with me.

    I look forward to hearing about your tri training...keep up the great work!

  2. At my gym,the pool is definitely not Olympic distance, and I'm not sure they typically are.... our fairly common sized pool is 50m per lap (down and back, like she mentioned above)So, for you to get 1/2 mile in, you'd be looking at 15 laps, or 30 lengths.

    I've done the Danskin Denver tri twice and it's a lot of fun! No need to worry; you'll have a great time! The all-female environment is very comfortable and supportive--lots of first timers do it and everyone is very encouraging. Good luck!

  3. Hey Jill and Heather, thanks for the info!! The pool I go to is definitely 50 meters long in length. I confirmed that today. :)

    So a length is once across and a lap is across and back. 16 laps equal a mile so I need to complete 8 laps OR 16 lengths for 1/2 mile.

    I also looked it up online and 804 meters is a half mile so that makes totaly sense! Yay! Today I swam 10 laps which would be 1000 meters. So I beat my goal to complete a half mile in the pool with out even realizing it. lol

    It took me an hour.. I need to get faster!! That is the next goal to acomplish.