Monday, March 28, 2011

First Day of School

It's the first day of school today. I am taking 3 classes this quarter, which is a lot for grad level. Yikes! I am excited though because I don't have to teach. I leave for Canada this Wednesday for a conference - so much for the first week of classes. Heh heh. 

It is supposed to be really warm this next week, which means the trails should be nice and dry when I get back this Sunday. I tried to do a little trail run Friday but it ended up being a mud walk.. It was fun though - really worked my calf muscles trying to pull my feet out of the mud pits they sunk into. 

I have discovered that lots of stress puts individuals in one of three groups - those that work out with the same regularity, those that work out even more, and those that don’t work out at all. Unfortunately, I am definitely part of the “doesn't work out at all group”. During this quals prep I stopped running and got a bit out of "shape" and gained some weight. Now I hardly can jog up trails that I used to hit with no problem. I have got to remember to keep on going even if I am stressed and feel like I have no time. It helps immensely with the stress and when I am on the other side of whatever stressful event/time crunch I will feel better about myself.  

Either way, I am where I am now and I just got to suck it up and get back out there. Now that I have more time on the weekends I am going to start running little races again. I don't think I am quite ready to run a half marathon but definitely some 5 and 10Ks, which would be awesome. 

It seems most everyone either runs half or full marathons but if anyone has suggestions of some fun races that are 5 or 10K length I am interested!! :D 

Monday, March 21, 2011

I passed!! =)

My testing is done! I passed and it feels great to be ABD (all but dissertation)!! I didn't run too much during the first part of this month but I am getting back to it now that I have more time. I am a bit out of shape but it feels great to be running again. The following is just a bunch of stuff that happened while I was away.

Picture of Back Bay Loop in Newport Beach. I really liked the guy on the horse.

Spring was here but then it disappeared again... I like the rain though. :)

Daysi Rose chillaxing. I have never seen a hamster take a nap outside of its cage but this hamster I have just kicks it. It is pretty funny actually.

Running in sycamore canyon. This place is amazing after it rains!!

It is my birthday the 28th so the other grad students threw me and all the other March birthdays a little bash. It was very sweet.

This weekend Heidie and I went to Lake Arrowhead to hang out with Heidie's friends. Very cold but very pretty. This is a picture us us hiking around Lake Jeffery. We left just in time - a big blizzard hit right after we came down the mountain!