Friday, October 28, 2011

Danskin Tri!

I completed the Danskin Triathlon in Palm Springs on October 9th!

It was awesome.
I have decided that I love triathlons, they are so freaking fun!! I was super nervous about it - very nervous. It was my first one and I had no idea what to expect. The triathlon was all women and the people staffing it were very supportive. There were variety of ages and body types and it was pretty small - around 400 people. I attended the expo and beginner workshop. It helped calm my anxiety.

I suck at swimming so I just decided to finish it and not worry about the time.
 The swim was a open water 1/2 mile swim.

Right out of the gates of the swim portion I got kicked in the face, not hard, but enough to make me paranoid. I went super slow because I kept looking up around me so that I could avoid people after that.

Swim 21.09.

The bike was my favorite part of the race. The bike portion was 14 miles in the desert. It was flat but very windy. I was feeling awesome though, I was cruising. There were a bunch of people that I passed on the bike. Some were going my speed and I ended up chatting with several people. All the people were super nice.

Bike 55.08.

The run was tough for me. It was a flat 5K around the lake.

I was feeling really strong until I got off my bike and tried to run.. My legs felt like jello and I couldn't get them to go as fast as I wanted. I think I was pedaling harder than I realized because of the wind. It took me some time to get jogging and I had to stop and walk a couple of times. It took me longer than normal. Some of the people I passed on the bike passed me on the run.

Run 39.07.

My overall time (including transitions) was 2.01.34. I was almost sub two!! Next year I am definitely attending this race again. Shooting for a 1.45.00.

On top of a great race experience, right after I finished the race, I bumped into Olivia and her sister Hannah, the winners of the Biggest Loser Season Eleven. They were my favorite team that season so that was really cool!

School has started again which makes life extra busy. Luckily I am ABD so no more classes for me!! Yay! I do however have to teach to make money.

In addition to school starting, I just finished co-authoring my first publication. We sent it in last weekend, which means I finally have time to update my blog. Next on the list is writing my dissertation proposal. I am also in the process of writing nine to grant/fellowship funders in the hope of procuring some decent dissertation funding that will liberate me from teaching, so that I can focus on my dissertation. What a load of writing!!

I am still squeezing in biking and running though. I have not been to the pool in some time. I need to get back on that. I am also looking for another tri to sign up for to keep me motivated. I have recently started biking canyons to strengthen my legs. On my newest biking loop there is a portion of farmland with really cute cows.

I can't believe it is Halloween already. Time goes so fast. Tonight is the graduates Halloween party. This year I am 1/13th of a 13 person chinese dragon. Should be interesting. :-)

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!!