Monday, August 29, 2011

Sprint Tri in October

Currently training for the Danskin sprint Tri in Palm Springs October 9th. It is 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K. When I told my people they said I was crazy and that I don't know how hard it will be and that I couldn't do it. Seriously.

That made me a little nervous. Thus, I got myself a coach because I figured I could use one. She put me on some type of zone training where I train in certain heart rate zones for a specified time. It seems to be working out ok.

Running and biking - I rock... swimming - oh man I suck. I have been doing lap swimming at a local 50 meter pool. The first day I asked the girl behind the counter how many laps make a mile distance and she said 32. I mentally have been building up to 16 laps nonstop to hit my 1/2 mile. THEN the other day someone told me 66 laps equal a mile in a 50 meter pool!! 33 laps non stop.. I am going to die. I tried to confirm this online but there is some confusion on what a lap is.. so I am still wondering.

Before I start harassing the local pool regs I thought I would poll you guys.. does anyone know-
1. Is a lap once across or across and back? and 2. Is a 1 mile in a 50 meter pool 32 or 66 laps?

This view was my reward after a long bike ride to Huntington Beach. :)

I can't believe it is almost September already!! The older I get the faster the time seems to go by! Did summer seem to fly by for you too??

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life in July & August

I discovered I may be too klutzy to trail run at night.

Got to dog sit for my favorite pups again.

(Genian Quads ~ All Diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1930s ~ proof that it is an inherited disease)
Upgraded from grad student to prof (just for the summer). 
Currently teaching Abnormal Psych.
Thankfully, this week is my last.. it was really fun but ready to relax a bit before school begins.

Did 23 miles on the bike today averaging about 17 miles an hour. Felt great!