Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life in July & August

I discovered I may be too klutzy to trail run at night.

Got to dog sit for my favorite pups again.

(Genian Quads ~ All Diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1930s ~ proof that it is an inherited disease)
Upgraded from grad student to prof (just for the summer). 
Currently teaching Abnormal Psych.
Thankfully, this week is my last.. it was really fun but ready to relax a bit before school begins.

Did 23 miles on the bike today averaging about 17 miles an hour. Felt great!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry about your trail accident! D'oh!

    Congratulations on the 23 miles at a nice pace!

  2. That dog looks almost exactly like mine!!

    Boo on the falling, yea for the bike ride!

  3. That's a busy schedule, especially while tackling night time trails and nursing boo-boos while imparting your wisdom on undergrads. Interesting about the schizophrenia too. I heard it was on the rise - along with autism - in part because of older dads (mainly middle-aged men who start second families late in life).

  4. Ouch! A fall in the dark -- I hope you are okay. Abnormal Psych? I took that in college for the fun of it, like I had all the time in the world to finish up my degree. I really enjoyed the class.

  5. Just found your blog through SUAR and saw that you are doing your first sprint tri--good luck! You'll do great :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

    Yeah when I fell it was a bummer. I look so pained by that little scratch but it was mostly because of the huge dirt burn on my thigh that I didn't take a pic of.

    I am REALLY getting into the bike!

    Abnormal psych was awesome to teach but I am super happy it is over!! :) I really enjoyed it when I was an undergrad too. :)

    Thanks Heather I will need it!! :)