Friday, September 2, 2011

Bike, Swim, Run - Nephew!

This week:

Biked 100+ miles (not sure how many because my mileage counter malfunctioned :-( )on the Santa Ana River Trail (SART). I actually pulled my iPhone out of its protective case which was strapped to my bike while going very fast just to snap this photo of The Man and His Amazing Hound. I don't know why but I found them both fascinating and I love this photograph.
I didn't drop my phone thankfully.

Swam 4050 meters in the confirmed 50 meter pool. The life guard showed me a great way to count my laps! The lanes are made up of hundreds of those red plastic round things on a rope. You can use them to make a crude counter of your lengths or laps. Very cool.

Ran (?) I didn't even count. I love running in Brea, it is so much cleaner than where I used to run. Those trees are all orange trees and the oranges are delicious!

Baby Ivan was finally born! I got to witness his mom go into labor this past Wednesday... 20 minutes after she began contracting he was born - - without any Epidural or even Advil. She made it to the hospital in time but had to birth him on a gurney as he came before she could make it into a bed. I love kids but after seeing this I am not keen on having any anytime soon. Welcome to earth baby!

At home with brother the very next day.


  1. Nice work on the training this week!! I'm in grad school for my M.Ed in Special Ed. Sometimes it's exhausting doing both but it is what it is, right?!

  2. Thanks! Grad school is exhausting but def worth it. :)

  3. Wow! What training!!! WAy to go! I count by my distance.. 50, 75,100. sometimes I lose count but if I look at my watch I can kind of figure out where I should be. I haven't swam since my half IM. Shoes.. I'm kind of in and out of shoes. Somedays yes, some no.

  4. loads of training! Nice job. I'd love to smell oranges along my run. I usually smell cows.what a blessing to be part of a birth! Congrats to mommy and the little one!

  5. I love that photo of the kid and his dog on the bike too. And congratulations to you and your sister. Only 20 minutes of hard labor - wow, is she lucky!

  6. Aw, congratulations, aunty!

    I can't seem to get my cadence sensor to work on Lexa. I'm so frustrated. I did the roll and measure thing but it's really, really off.

  7. Nice training, Chica!! Love your sparkley pool..mine is so boring and you can't even see the bottom somtimes - ewww. That is the cutest baby...oh man I love to hold babies!!