Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nike+ you suck.

Okay so - I am NOT a serious runner. Not in the least. I go for runs and I don't really push myself - if I feel like walking eh - I walk. I don't really pay attention to my time. I have no idea what my PRs are for anything and I sometimes go for weeks without running and although I miss it - I don't stress about it.

However, I would like to become more serious.. I think because I would like to bomb up and down hills and generally feel as strong as I feel in the first three miles of a run - all the way through an 8 mile run (if that makes sense). I want to be strong enough to run farther and faster so I can get into the depths of a big canyon and see what I can see (sorta like that bear who wanted to see the other side of the mountain).

SO I thought now that I have more time to run that I would get really strong on a few trails around me that I can run anytime and then a couple days a week break it up and go to harder trails and check them out.

I decided that I would time myself for trail PRs (like I see many of you do) to see if I could get faster. To do that today I re-ran the same 8 miles worth of trail that I reported in my last post. I was super excited because I was beating my time pretty well but then something funny happened. I noticed that my Nike+ (the little GPS gadget on my iphone that keeps my distance and time) was indicating that I ran a half mile more than last time on the exact same trail.

Now I am not sure if the trail is 8 miles or 8.5... for all I know it could be 7 miles! This is a bummer. However I did slice some time 1st = 2:12:18 2nd = 1:57:37 from the same distance (what ever that distance was). I wish the Nike+ was more accurate - either that or the garmin was smaller and cheaper. :) Are they even compatible with macs?


Today I went to run Bommer Canyon - I haven't been there for awhile. I used to run from Quail Hill to Bommer past the Mariners church up to the 73 and back - it is a really nice 10 mile out and back (so said my Nike+) but life got crazy so I was running Sycamore in Riverside a lot since it was nearby.

Anyways, when I got there I was so surprised! There is a nice new lot! Bommer got a makeover - there is even a restroom now! I felt a little turned around I was so surprised! I didn't think it had been that long since I had been there. I didn't end up running though - it was 11:30am and it was SO HOT. I went home and did my regular 8 mile (?) loop at 6pm.

It was really nice. :)


  1. This reminds me of when I'm running in a group and I ask what pace we're doing and if there are four people with Garmins, I get four different answers. Arghhhh. Glad one of your favorite routes has upped the amenities.

  2. Kate! That is an awesome improvement in your time after just one run. Wow.

    I hear ya on the heat!

    Also, I read somewhere that the Nike+ is very accurate on flat runs, but for some reason isn't good for trail runs. I've read a few blogs like yours complaining about inaccuracies. : (

  3. Anne,

    So the Garmins still are all over the place eh? I may just stick with my Nike+ for a bit longer then. :)


    Yeah - I wasn't really trying too hard the first time round so the second time was probably a more accurate read on my time. lol It is a bummer about the Nike+ I really like the interface of it.