Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bommer Canyon

Last Friday I ran Bommer Canyon in the rain. It was awesome... the weird part is that I used to Run Quail Hill, a trail that is right off of Bommer Canyon all the time. Back then Bommer Canyon was closed, only open for guided tours. I never when in because I am a sucker for the "rules". Instead I would run through to the road and finish my runs on the street. I hated that part of the run and eventually I stopped going there because I figured that was it - nothing left to explore. Boring.

Last Friday however, even though it was closed, I decided to screw the rules and run up in there anyway. Oh wow!! I have been missing out on a lot a lot all these years!!

I took a slew of pictures but blogger can't see them at the moment even though they are in my album.  (I got them!!)

Top of the trail here. It was SO muddy!!

I ran uphill about 3 miles to the top and what was on the other side you ask... The Pacific Ridge Trailhead!! Yay! More to run! I had to turn around to go back at that point but I am excited to check it out another day.
Seems this is all apart of the pacific ridge trail head!
I know this is a weather thing.. but does anyone know what it does?
Does anyone else struggle trying to post pictures in blogger?? 
I want to place them a certain way but it won't let me is it so friken frustrating!! That is why all my pics are posted to the left and sometimes random other places - because I give up.

 For tomorrows adventure I have a 23 mile bike ride from Brea to Newport Beach planned. I decided cycling would be a fun way to cross train so I am jumping right in. There looks to be some sort of Santa Ana trail you can ride, walk, run from the Corona area to Newport so I am going to check it out.

I love my Fridays. :)


  1. awesome!!!! Enjoy that bike ride tomorrow!

  2. Very nice. I hope you have some pictures of today's ride!

  3. You broke the rules??? Kidding'

    Hope you enjoy the bike ride. I love to check out new trails.

  4. Sometimes it pays to break the rules. Looking forward to those pictures whenever they can be posted.

  5. Good thing they didn't catch you. The fines are pretty steep. The Irvine Company takes the rules pretty seriously.

    Bommer is open once a month to everyone. Check out the website: