Monday, January 3, 2011


Keeping my goals simple this year.

1. Pass my qualification exams this March < < Yikes!
2. Publish the MacArthur Story Stem Battery paper

The rest of these goals get a little more difficult because school seems to take up all my time.

3. Run consistently every month week
4. Post on this blog at least 4 times a month
5. Hit a 1000 miles by the end of this year
6. Run 3 half marathons with no injuries
7. Lose 20 pounds

It is going to be a great year!!


  1. Love your blog! So you are going to try for 1000 miles? We are going to try to do 2011 miles as a family this year! It should be fun. The kids are excited to join in. Ben read Born to Run and it inspired him enough to sign up for a 1/2 in May! Do you want to come and run the Indy 500 1/2? :)

    Good luck with school goals - it sounds like you are very busy with those!

  2. Good luck, girl! And Happy New Year!

  3. Great Goals. I think simple is good. 3 marathons, no injuries -- that's not so simple for me. My goal last year was 3 marathons. I did it but with too many injuries. Hoping you fare way, way better than me : )

  4. Thank you Mallory and Green Girl! Happy New Year to you too!! :)

    Judy, I just got that book for Christmas!! Sounds like it is a good read! It would be totally amazing to go and run the Indy 500!! I am going to see if I can talk Heidie into coming with me. We were just talking about that the other day actually. We would LOVE to see you both, your kiddos and pumpkin too!! It was so fun to read through your past year on your blog. I think you need to seriously consider creating a food blog so you can share all your healthy recipes!! 2011 miles is an awesome goal!!! I am excited to see you acomplish that!! :) :)

    Lauren, just doing halves this year.. marathons next year.. IF I don't get injured this year. I have to say you totally inspire me..I would really like to get to the point that I can run 18 miles of trails!! I think you rock woman!

  5. Im aiming for the 1000 mark too.. I so superstitous Im afraid to put the counter on! LOL

  6. All good goals and in the right priority. Good luck fulfilling them.