Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candy Cane Joe Joe's!

Today was my long run. I felt pretty good throughout it but especially at the end. The 8th to the 9th mile I felt crazy good and ran super fast. I started on the Juanita Trail in Brea and then connected to Hiltscher Trail. 

I have never ran the Hiltscher Trail and so I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the Hiltscher Trail was. A LOT of people were out and even horses!! I get excited by the small stuff so horses were a total treat. :) I really liked running around down in there it was next to a stream and with all the trees it was so cool and shady. It was hot today running in the sun!
Later I found out that a very nice person bought me these... 
I am not all that into chocolate (more of a vanilla person) but these are SO good. This is our first box of the season and I am very happy to report they taste just as amazing as last year.