Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty Pretty

This morning I met my friend Ana and we went for a short little run through Sycamore Canyon, a wonderful little wilderness park that I am lucky enough to live right by!!

Half of it we ran on the street because it was so dark in the beginning!

Ana is a good friend from my lab ~ we are both getting our PhDs in developmental psychology at the moment. She just started running this year and loves it. 

The trail was a bit cold for us California girls at 5:30 this morning (36 degrees) but it was really beautiful!


  1. Wow! How fun...I love running on trails especially with a friend:)

  2. I live for trail running. Glad you got out with a friend!

    Some of your photos didn't load, :-( fyi

  3. 5:30 AM! Yikes. That's gotta be cold, cold, cold.

    Good luck on your adventures. Trail running is a wonderful adventure. It's a tough one, but always an adventure : )

  4. Trail running is totally awesome. Running them with friends is even better! :) Thanks for letting my know about the photos!