Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dissertation Funding

Wow these past few days I have not done any running because all the dissertation funding applications are due at the beginning of the year. This stinks!! I started a new wave of p90x and Insanity (a series of exercise programs created by beach body that you can do at home) in combination so that has been helping me get some physical excursion time in. Exercise helps me SO much with stress.

I have been thinking about what I would like to do this year in terms of races. I have not done a whole lot of racing these past few years simply because I am so stinking poor I can't even afford the entrance fees. I really enjoy racing however and I would like to make sure that I get in at least 6 races this year. I think I am going to pick them out now so I can budget them in.

My good friend just moved to Boston to get her PhD in counseling at Boston College. We had lunch together yesterday as she was back home for the holiday. There is a good chance that I might fly there this summer to spend some time and it would be awesome to do a half marathon or 10K while I am there. I also really enjoyed the Danskin Triathlon that I did in October so I plan to do that again for sure.

Christmas was fun. I got some new Brooks Cascadia trail shoes and they are awesome. I am not too into writing about items I run with but I had to for these because I think they are amazing. I have had serious issues finding trail shoes that are lightweight but at the same time durable. These shoes are so much lighter than my Salomons and they were great at keeping up with all the rocks and dirt when I took them out for a spin. I went 8 miles on the first go and had no problems at all. I love move in ready shoes.

I also got an awesome bracelet with em. :-)

Hope you are all having a great year so far!


  1. I like those shoes. Unfortunately I think I'm about to have to replace my well-loved Asics :( On the other hand, I may look and see if I can get them for a good price online since they were such a great shoe for me.

    I spent a lot on racing this past year. I actually don't want to know how much, and I for sure don't want my husband to know how much!

  2. Let me know when you might be in Boston. I came to SoCal from there and can recommend some races. I'm also with you on the high entry fees now. Not to mention you have to sign up so freakin' early to get in.

  3. Great bracelet. I feel your pain on being poor. I really don't like it much, mainly because I can't participate in all the races I want, and I can't drive to the mountains (gas $$) to run all the mountain trails that I want. (I can't even afford new running shoes : ( On the good side, I am appreciating the boys more, because, besides the rest of my family, that's all I really have.

    Good luck to you!!

    ps. you've been "tagged" (see my blog). I apologize if you've already been tagged with "11 Things," or if you hate being tagged. Happy if you love being tagged.