Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving in Utah

I ended up driving to Utah with my faux fam this year for thanksgiving. We stayed in an awesome cabin up in the snowy woods. I felt like I was in some sort of Lifetime christmas movie. 
This lake was just down a stretch from the cabin.

Mirror Lake

 Martinellis on ice. 

We had two turkeys this year... one from the oven and one from the BBQ. My favorite was the BBQ.

 Freaking amazing!

Good guys vs. the bad guys. The good guys won!

There were about 15 people cooking in the kitchen so I just hung around and took the pix. 

After we slept for a bit... it was time for a hike. :-)

It was a very cold day as there were no clouds. Very very pretty though.

Ebby is the pro hiker now. 
We take her too many places for her not to be awesome.

The hike was supposed to be a quick half mile jaunt to this "really cool" ice cave. Sounds awesome right? An ice cave?! Yeah, lets do this!! After the hike, the plan was to go sledding/snowboarding. 
We had a 3 month old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old so it was supposed to be a quick hike.
However someone made a mistake and it ended up being much longer than a half mile.

Several miles later we ran into some bunny tracks.

Then some deer tracks.

Saw some cool looking trees.

Many many miles later we see the sign!!

Yes!! We made it!! We are so close!!! 

Tired but almost there!

 So we hike a mile more.

There it is! The ice cave!!

The Ice Cave.

Really? This is it?

Ebbs looking around for a different cave.

I don't know what they thought it might look like... but I was imagining some sort of beautiful crystal overhang with loads of icicles hanging down, that created a small structure that you could walk into.
Instead it was a dirt pit with logs sticking out. Hm. Life.

We ran back.

It was a great hike!

Ebby was done by the end. She just wanted to sit.

I loved this white tree against the blue.

She found a tree just her size.

It was great to just relax after. 

What a great time.
Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving too.


  1. Wow, for all that adventure, you'd like the ice cave looked my like the Crystal Cathedral. All in all, it looks like it was a picture-perfect holiday. I want that cabin!

  2. OK... that is weird because what is appearing is not how I typed it. Very, very strange.

    Should read: you'd think that ice cave would have looked more like the Crystal Cathedral.

    (Now, I sometimes goof up words, but not on this scale. Dang, Blogger.)

  3. Wow, such gorgeous pictures (reminds me of Colorado)! So glad you had a fantastic time with your family :).

  4. Anne,
    We wanted that cabin too! It was totally awesome. When we rented it no one knew that it would be so nice. Yeah, the ice cave was a bit of a dirt pit but it was really pretty everywhere else. :-)

    Thanks! It was a really nice trip! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Wow!! Holy beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful place to spend the Turkey Day holiday! Loved this!

  7. that looks gorgeous! too bad about the ice cave though...

    and THANK YOU for my gift! i LOVE it! you are so sweet. I'm about to work on a post about it

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Steph, I am so glad you liked your gift! Have a great holiday!!