Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad Blogger!

Well.. I have decided that I am terrible at this blogging stuff. The time really gets away from me and before I know it - it has been almost a month since I posted!! Canada was great! The conference went well and I got to meet some fab people! I don't have any pictures to show for  it... because I didn't take any of my own and Facebook doesn't allow photo stealing anymore which is how I obtained most of my trip pictures in the past - because I am a lazy person.

This month has been crazy - First was Canada and then when I got back I found out that I needed to move from Riverside to Orange County by May 1st. I have been packing like crazy and spending all my free time on that. However, I have been running on the sly.. mostly easy trails near Fullerton.. I call them the Fullerton Flats although they have proper names - I just don't know them - and also Quail Hill and Back Bay in Irvine and Newport Beach.

I am a little sad to be moving from Rside - I lived in a decent area, loved my room (it was huge), and loved the trails that were 5 minutes from my house also school was 5 minutes away. I am not looking forward to commuting to school! Ew. The cool thing about living in OC is that it is near awesome trails, the house has a backyard pool, and the house also has cute kids living in it that I'll get to see all the time. :D

Tomorrow is a trail run that I signed up for and I am super nervous about it. I have never raced on a trail and I am REALLY worried I will get into peoples way (becasue I am slow) and piss them off. The plan is to get there early and stay in the back. It is very short - only 5 miles which is nice and it starts at 8:30am so it should still be a bit cool which is nice too. I am excited to go see what it is all about!


  1. Hey Kate -- you wouldn't happen to be running the OC Chili Run? I will be there, pretty sure I will be wearing red long sleeved shirt. Don't worry about being in people's way. Really. Trail races are more laid-back than road races. Be sure to hike when you feel like it. I just just move to the side if I need to hike. And if it's a single track, I just listen for those foot steps coming up behind me and jump to the side to let them pass. I'm sure you'll do great! Mainly have fun and enjoy the beauty : )

  2. Good luck with the move, girl. Take care of yourself!

  3. Yep that is the one! I will be in a blue t-shirt :) or a blue puma jacket. That would be cool to see you there! :)

    Thanks Green Girl - its almost over!

  4. Welcome to OC! You should check out Chino Hills State Park for some excellent trail running.